What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to business activity on social media platforms that contributes to marketing objectives such as brand awareness, website traffic, and customer acquisition. This activity is predominantly in the form of content —such as text, images, and videos — but also includes community engagement and paid ads.

At the heart of great social media content is the audience’s desire to share it. When your audience shares your content, they become your channel of distribution.


Why Do Star Ratings Matter?

Simply put Star Ratings matter because they serve as a useful and convenient source of information when consumers are researching a local business they’re not familiar with.

An increase of just one star in a rating on Amazon correlates with a 26 percent increase in sales, according to a recent analysis by the e-commerce consulting firm Pattern.

New Study: Review Star Rating Improvement of Just 1 STAR Could Create a 25% Rise in Foot Traffic.


What is a Personalized Social Assessment?

We provide a Social Assessment to personalize your Tailored Strategy


Can you explain Automated Content?

We use technology (our proprietary software) to eliminate tedious tasks.

We Manage your social media accounts and post content. We choose articles to run & when to run on the alendar using Advanced Scheduling, posting at premium platform times.

We create engaging social content; Grow your audience and engage with followers. Types of engaging posts to work into your posting mix: Ask Questions, Fill-in the blanks, Bright colorful images, infographics, photos, and video, Show off your human side, testimonials, highlights, milestones, what’s new with your business, sharing posts from experts in your industry, etc.; and special offers, sweepstakes, and deals, acknowledge holidays, all help to increase brand awareness, followers, and build relationships.


How do I use Social Sweepstakes?

Engage your audience and get them excited about your brand with contests and giveaways. Run contests on social media to collect valuable data from participants. By having people share your contest with their friends, you can also increase awareness of your brand.

This will also be reflected in e.g. new followers, engagement rates, and reach among your target group. Collect customer data, and incentivize people to come in for a second visit. This is one of the best ways to help local businesses collect customer data. We upload a sweepstakes image and post it across multiple social media platforms. This helps organically grow your customer audience and offers the opportunity to email or text customers to drive business thru incentives.


How does Social Deals work?

Is relatively identical to Social Sweepstakes, but more sales-focused. Creates brand awareness. Generate leads & sales. Run promotions, sales, coupons, etc. to collect customer emails for future follow-up and promotions (which you can manage as well).


What are Content Banners?

Content banners are located at the bottom of the posts when clicked upon. Brand out all your content with a static banner ad to create brand awareness, promote and link to your website, etc.  - OR -

Monetize your social media posts. Sell Your Banner Ad space to non-competing businesses or companies you work with. They would appear on your Banner page, under each post. You have the ability to charge whatever you choose – virtually discounting or paying for our services so you don’t have to. Example:  Realtor goes to a mortgage company to sell them Banner AD space to monetize their social media.


What is Social Commerce?

Set up “social shopping carts” so you can sell your products online. The shopping cart attaches to your social media where customers can buy thru social media platforms.


What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management helps with positive and negative reviews (on Google My Business, Yelp for example).

Driving reviews. Each star is worth 7-11% in gross revenue. 

We incentivize people to do a review to provide valuable feedback. We can incentivize the customer to post this on a Review Site (Google, Yelp, FB, etc). Low or 1-star ratings can be quickly addressed - we recommend staying on top of them so they do not reduce your review ratings. Most businesses don’t know they have an online review profile and don’t have many reviews. Low star reviews receive service recover strategy

We will pull your best reviews from your connected accounts and turn them into posts to build your credibility.